Server NameTelnetUpdatedBigBangVersionGamesPlayers
The Other Realm BBS      
Arquittian Alliance      
BBS GameTime      
RF Studio BBS 199.241.0125.84:23      
The Penalty Box    00
Reflections BBS      
SciNet FTN Tradewars Game Server      
DemiGoth BBS      
Section 31      
Slate Hell BBS      
The Penalty Box      
Doge BBS      
The Fool's Quarter    00
DEFiLE BBS    00
Colorado Springs Central Net #2      
Cool Blue BBS 05/26/202204/28/20222.2063
Transworld Interactive      
Return To The Lair of the Wolverine      
Daves BBS    00
Clockwork Orange BBS      
MasterCom BBS      
Tradewars Live    00
DemiGoth    00
Section 31    00
Daves BBS    00
The Penalty Box    00
Demonsnet TW and Majormud BBS      
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