FirstMate Features

FristMate GameServer

FirstMate is currently available as a game server, and provides server side scripting to all players.

Global Key Mappings

Any key or combination of keys on your keyboard can be use to launch scripts. Control characters are a good choice since they are not used in game menus. Uppercase letters are not used by the game, but I tend to use them in emulated menus or you can add items using + like JPs botlink did. You can also use existing globals to launch scripts. For example, pressing # will run a script that displays an enhanced who's online with alignment from the high score display. Both commands can be run in the background, but the end user only sees the resulting enhanced display.

FirstMate emulates the TW2002 menu system. This was originally done for speed over a 2400 baud modem when the program was first designed. By displaying a menu locally, you didn't have to wait for it to download over the wire. You still gain a little speed by doing this today, but the main advantage is that you can add or remove items from an existing menu. For example, you can add an option the port menu to trade with an adjacent pair. From the players point of view, this appears to be part of the game, but it is really running the PPT script. You can also remove the dreaded "b" command from the computer menu to prevent accidental "CBY" incidents.

Corporate Scripts

Corporate scripts are shared by all corpmates. for instance, you can create an awesome photon script and allow anyone on your corp to run the script. They will not be albe to see the script source unless you give them that permission.