TWX3 Includes an all new Graphical User Interface. Here is an overview of the main features.

Setup and Configuration - Create and manage databases, and change other settings.
Quick Load Scripts - Quickly load your favorite scripts off the menu.
Bot Loader - Load your favorite bot, killing support scripts used by other bots.
Tray Icon menus - Quickly launch scripts and manage other features from the notification tray.
Import and Export - Exchange warp data or your entire database with other programs and players.
Recording and History - Playback log files, view history and control logging.
Check for Updates - Make sure you are running the latest version.
Help and Guides - New help system with an offline copy of the WIKI.

I have also written a twscript plug-in for Visual Studio Code providing a powerful IDE for TWX script development.

I am sure I missed some stuff, but that covers the basics. Most of what you can do in the GUI is also included in the Terminal Menu