Welcome to FirstMate for TradeWars 2002

I first started working on FirstMate back in to late 1980's, but never release it to the public. I was co-op of "The Mess" BBS and Robert Healy got me hooked on the game. Back then it didn't even have a scripting engine, so everything was hard coded. I almost completely forgot how much I love TradeWars when I retired from the game in 2001, but I came out of retirement Just before the release of the Anniversary Edition of TW2002. Here is the only image I can find from 1996 with the main logo on the options page:


I started working on FirstMate again in 2012, and I wrote a new telnet crawler for MicroBlaster.net, but I never released a working client. The telnet crawler and FirstMate both used C# and the .Net CodeDom compiler to compile scripts at runtime. It only had a few commands like send, wait, and watches (aka triggers). Just enough to login to a BBS and capture game stats for the website. It is now 2020 and I am using the .Net Compiler Platform, also known by its nickname Roslyn to compile runtime scripts cross platform on Windows, Mac, and Linux. I am also creating a Common Scripting Library (CSL) for use by FirstMate, TWX Proxy, and any other helper that wants to join in.

VERY VERY SOON you will be able to use FirstMate GameServer at MicroBlaster.net as a server side implementation of FirstMate. This will give me the opportunity to work on the CIL and develop scripts without worrying about a GUI. I am still going to finish the GUI version, but right now I just want to focus on scripting.